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3D Environment & Road Network

3D environment also needs to be carefully constructed. 3D environments include the road network, which defines the space that the vehicle can occupy, and that when and how the vehicle can occupy each lane.

Besides the road itself, the immediate surroundings of the road is equally important. Trees and bushes can obstruct the view of the traffic signs, pedestrian from the sidewalks may suddenly decide to cross the street, buildings on the side of the street may cast shadows on to the road or reduce GPS accuracy. All these elements have to be realistically modeled to properly set the scene where the actions take place.

A 3D virtual environment can be generated either from inside VTD, or from scanning the actual roads. Creating the environment inside VTD gives you maximum control over all the details, while generating the 3D environment from measurements (LiDAR/camera) is more realistic and much faster. With Hexagon’s new Leica Pegasus mapping platform and its connection with VTD, engineers are expected to speed up the “Road Digitization” by a factor of 20 in the near future.

Creating Virtual 3D Environment in VTD from Metrology Road Measurements