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Using the editors of our VTD tool-chain and relying on a large database of existing elements, we provide our customers with individual content. It may consist of static 3d environments (created with our RoadDesigner ROD), dynamic scenarios (specified with our ScenarioEditor) or libraries for specific countries and situations.


Exceptional requirements will need exceptional solutions. Our customers work at the cutting edge of simulation and standard solutions may not fulfill their needs. Therefore, we have a strong background in customizing and extending our product so that it meets specific and highly demanding requirements. Most of the extensions will also make it later into the regular product, so that the whole user community benefits from each new feature.


Making an installation fit for a certain purpose requires not only the right software (VTD) but also strong knowledge about operating systems, interfacing, communication etc. We help our customers to make best use of our product’s configuration options in order to operate perfectly within their environments.


We know how our product work and will make sure that you will know this too.