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Open Standards for Environment Simulation

(managing the road ahead)

OpenDRIVE® is the de facto standard for the description of road networks in driving simulation. It is managed by a team of professionals from the simulation, geodetic and navigation industry and describes the geometric and logical properties of road networks. Applications like driving dynamics, traffic or sensor simulation depend on reliable, precise and quick interpretation of these data. The format is under continuous development to cover the growing needs of the community.

(managing the road surface ahead)

OpenCRG® describes the properties of the road surface in detail by a Curved Regular Grid. The information at the grid typically consists of data like Z-offset, friction coefficient and is used in tire-, vibration- or sensor-simulation. OpenCRG® is an open-source project and provides specification, software and example data. It can be linked to OpenDRIVE® for more precise descriptions of roads.

(bringing content to the road)

OpenSCENARIO® will be the future standard to describe the dynamic content in driving simulations. With OpenDRIVE® and OpenCRG® static content is described but there is a growing need to harmonize also the timing and behavior of dynamic traffic entities. Therefore we are working within an European research project on the definition of this standard and will support it by software and by seamless integration into our VTD suite.