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The world’s approximately 90% trade is undertaken through the sea. The shipping industry has witness various new and advanced technological improvements like change from sail to steam, steam to diesel, oil, then came the radars and Electronic Chart display and Information System over last 200 years.

According to Allianz report, 75% to 96% of maritime accidents are caused by human errors. So, to improve the safety of life, securing the ships and cargo handling time at the ports, it is necessary to bring the automation in the ship industry. The unmanned ships with full automation will help to achieve this goals.

“Simulation allows us to make mistakes without serious consequences in the real world. It can take almost 10 years to design or redesign a vessel. With simulation you can do it much faster, more safely and at a lower cost.”

Alexander Ozersky, Deputy Director-Intellectual Systems at Wärtsilä Voyage Solutions