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Smart CAE for Autonomous Vehicles

With the development of autonomous vehicles, our automotive engineers face a number of new challenges.

For examples, with the steering system no longer required, the vehicle chassis and suspension need to be redesigned so that the passengers’ ride & comfort becomes the priority rather than the steering & handling; With increased number of sensors and electronics in the autonomous vehicle, thermal analysis becomes critical to ensure the reliability/performance of those equipment, and the safety of the passengers; When passengers start to sleep, read books or work on computers inside an autonomous vehicle, they become much more sensitive to the acoustic environment, and the infotainment system acoustics turn out to be a big differentiator for car manufacturers.

MSC Software provides the most trusted CAE toolkits for automotive engineers to leverage in order to address those new engineering challenges in the era of autonomous driving. From improving vehicle NVH, increasing durability, to reducing vehicle weight with new composites materials, MSC’s automotive solutions cover not only the autonomous system development, but also how we build and design an entire new vehicle to suit the needs for autonomous driving.