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Virtual Test Drive

Enabling Safety Validation in Autonomous Driving and ADAS System Simulation

What is Virtual Test Drive (VTD)?

VTD is the world’s most widely used open platform for the creation, configuration, and animation of virtual environments and scenarios for the training, testing and validation of ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles:

  • Active safety (level 2)
  • Advanced sensor simulation & perception
  • Traffic and environment modeling
  • Used in MiL, SiL, HiL, DiL and ViL applications
  • AI & Machine Learning for billions of virtual test miles (level 3, 4, 5)

Many car manufacturers use VTD for the simulation of the high-resolution vehicles. VIRES Virtual Test Drive (VTD) has been developed for the automotive industry as a virtual test environment used for the development of ADAS. VTD is highly modular, so any standard component may be exchanged by a custom and more detailed implementation.

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